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Sheananda is a combination of the words, “Shea” & “Ananda”, two words that represent a connection between a healthy body and a healthy soul.

Shea butter well known for its benefits to the human body, by eating or by applying on the skin. 

Ananda is “bliss” or “divine joy”, happiness that comes from within, and depends on nothing.

Yes, Sheananda is selling B2B as well and we’ll gladly  store and deliver your items, please contact us for more details.

Yes we can.

We have never! And we will never test any product on animals!

We disapprove of any corporation / person who violates animal rights.

We are selling worldwide.

Our customer service is open Monday-Friday between 09:30AM to 05:30PM NYC time.

You can always fill our contact us form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

You can use website to check the status of your shipment

Our factory has more than 20 years of experience in natural body care products.

Sheananda products expiration date is as the FDA’s protocol for cosmetics.

Please visit the FDA website for more details.

Please check out our return policy page.

Any product has its own way of use and it is printed on each product and also shown at the product page on our website.

All of our products are SLS and paraben free.

There are ingredients which we have to put in our products in order for them to last long, and use them only when no other natural option, and no harm for the costumer, the product and/or the environment.

Many of our fragrances are a mix of natural essential oils and synthetic fragrances.